Rodin Younessi - Hosting Charity Events

Rodin Younessi Supports Local Communities by Hosting Charity Events and Donating Dealership Vehicles

Longtime motorsports enthusiast Rodin Younessi owns a series of high-volume dealerships across the country.


Rodin YounessiThrough events hosted at his dealer locations and through vehicle donations, he is able to support local and distant causes alike, ensuring safety and good health for community members along the way.


Rodin Younessi has long held a passion for motorsports, entering many prestigious international racing competitions for years and investing in some of the most high-volume dealerships in the country. He’s competed in the U.S. F2000 National Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans among other top competitions, and he was the first American to pilot the McLaren 12C GT3 during the Blancpain Endurance Series.


Taking his love of motorsports even further, Rodin Younessi purchased a Lamborghini dealership in native South Florida as well as seven Harley-Davidson dealerships across the country. There, he maintains extensive inventories of some of the most highly-prized vehicles on the road today.


As a dealership owner, Rodin Younessi is careful to dedicate time and resources to local communities and frequently uses his dealerships as event spaces for various charities. For instance, at his Space Coast Harley-Davidson location, he hosted a SOAKed for Autism event and raised both awareness of autism and monetary donations for the SOAK (Supporting Our ASD Kids, Inc.) organization. Through the event, representatives from SOAK shared their mission with local community members and helped gain new funding and spread awareness in the area.


He’s also donated vehicles from his own fleet to either support charity auctions or else to gift to local community organizations. Rodin Younessi and the specialized team at his Space Coast Harley-Davidson recently customized one of their motorcycles for donation to the law enforcement in their area. Specially designed for the police agency, the retrofitted motorcycle will be driven alongside the rest of the law enforcement fleet, helping them stop crimes and enforce safety. Apart from regular use in the force, the motorcycle is expected to appear as a static prop at local events and will serve as a focal point in parades and community gatherings around town.


To assist the Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Breast Cancer charity raise funds and awareness for their cause, Rodin Younessi donated one of his brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycles to be used in the organization’s auction. The funds raised during the charity went on to help the Susan G. Komen charity further their research and improve treatment plans for patients suffering from breast cancer in the future. The motorcycle donation from Mr. Younessi was recognized by the chair of the auction, former US Ambassador Nancy Brinker, as one of the highest benefactors of the entire charity, making it a tremendous success for their cause.


Rodin Younessi has found wide success in the motorsports industry, both as a competitive racer and a dealership owner, but he remains cognizant of his local communities and supports them through regular sponsorship and donations.

Rodin Younessi Pilots Specialty Racing Vehicles in Various Renowned Competitions

Experienced racer Rodin Younessicompetes internationally both in solo positions and as part of a multinational high-endurance team. In addition to traditional cars, he’s made a career driving specialty racing vehicles during some of the most elite competitions to date.

In his racing career, Rodin Younessi has earned many top privileges and raced in some of the world’s most celebrated and anticipated competitions. He’s a versatile driver with plenty of personal and professional experience, making him a worthy opponent in races such as the Le Mans 24-hour race and the Blancpain Endurance series.

He’s gone on to compete against top international drivers in competitions like 2011’s U.S.
F2000 National Championship for Pabst Racing Services and the JDC Motorsports National Class series. In these races, Rodin Younessi made seven starts and finished in 4th place of the season as well as finished in the National Class at 12th during the Road America race. In addition, Rodin Younessi competed in a pair of F2000 Championship Series races at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

While he began his career in motorsports driving motorcycles and traditional sports cars, Rodin Younessi has competed in some of the most advanced and fastest prototype vehicles around. Because of this, he’s developed a reputation for outstanding performance and the ability to confidently pilot a range of specialty racing vehicles.

For the 90th anniversary of the Le Mans competition, Rodin Younessi raced in one of the seven ORECA 03 models entered into the competition. Not only a popular choice for the Le Mans competition, the unique ORECA model is also a preferred vehicle for most top-level endurance races because of its high performance and durability. However, it takes a specialized pilot to handle.

“Rodin is well suited for the [ORECA] and proved it recently running over 250 miles at PBIR, getting up to speed quickly,” said crew chief Frank Parzych before the Le Mans. “This is a new experience for Rodin, running endurance races with a teammate and having to compromise a bit of set up for both drivers, but we believe Rodin is up for the task.”

Rodin Younessi has also raced Formula One vehicles in prestigious international competitions. Formula One cars must abide by specific formula rules, and all teams must construct their own vehicles specifically for the race (though the design and manufacturing can be outsourced). The vehicle is a single-seat, open cockpit, and open-wheel car that features large front and rear wings as well as an engine that is positioned behind the driver.

This unique style of vehicle (and its manufacturing regulations) are specifically designed for Formula One racing events, which are some of the most followed and esteemed competitions anywhere. As a result, they require skillful handling and intense talent from their drivers.

Rodin Younessi’s passion for motorsports and his unique experience has led him to create his own racing team (Younessi Racing) to compete in some of the world’s most extravagant and specialized races. Continuing his passion for motorsports beyond racing, Rodin Younessi is also the proud owner of seven Harley-Davidson dealerships in addition to a Lamborghini dealership in South Florida.

Motorsports Legend Rodin Younessi Competed in Le Mans 24-Hour Race Behind the Wheel of an ORECA 03

Rodin Younessi
Rodin Younessi

The ORECA 03 is a Le Mans Prototype built by ORECA in 2011 and known internationally for its quality performance in high-endurance races. Rodin Younessi piloted one of seven ORECA 03 vehicles that entered the 24 Hours of Le Mans competition in 2013.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a world-renowned racing competition held each year since its inception in 1923. Today, it’s considered one of the most-followed and highly-anticipated races in the world and is the premiere competition for endurance and efficiency. For the 2013 series, the 90th anniversary of Le Mans, motorsports enthusiast and dealership-owner Rodin Younessi raced in one of the seven ORECA 03 models entered into the competition.

“I am overwhelmed by the opportunity I’ve been given to compete in the 90th Anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans; the feeling is surreal,” said Rodin Younessi before the race began. “I am grateful for the faith, confidence, and the once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Built and developed by ORECA, the 03 model is one of 24 in total and is the third car that the company has produced after the 01 and FLM09. It’s the preferred choice of many drivers for endurance racing, and it’s an especially popular option for those competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. To ensure that their many vehicles participating in the Le Mans performed to their fullest ability, the engine department, based in Magny-Cours, served on hand at the competition with engineers overseeing no fewer than eight V8 engines (seven of which were the 03 model).

“It’s a powerful and stable vehicle delivering high-performance across hours of continuous use,” said Rodin Younessi, “making it an obvious choice for the Le Mans. It was an honor to drive such a capable car for the competition.”

The ORECA 03 debuted in 2011 and has set the standard for the LM P2 class of vehicles ever since, especially in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The vehicle was a prototype designed in ORECA workshops that quickly became a manufacturing success, holding two consecutive pole positions and two fastest race laps. After the ORECA 03 reached its initial podium at the 2011 Le Mans, two others finished in the top three in 2012. In total, seven of the eight ORECA 03 entered that year took the checkered flag, and four of their vehicles ranked in the top six finalists.

“The ORECA 03 distinguishes itself by how easy it is to drive, especially for gentlemen drivers,” said Director of the Design Bureau Christophe Guibbal. “The ORECA allows pros to get the max out of the car and push the limits, while the amateurs have to find their own limits and reach the highest level possible.”

Ultimately, Rodin Younessi and his fellow ORECA 03 drivers of the 2013 Le Mans raced one of the highest-performing vehicles on the market in one of the most world-renowned motorsports racing events in history.

Rodin Younessi - 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series

Team Owner Rodin Younessi Competed in the Prestigious 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series

Owner of Younessi Racing, Rodin Younessi has competed in some of the world’s premier races both as a solo driver and as part of his own professional team. In 2013, Younessi was only one of a few Americans selected to compete in the prestigious Blancpain Endurance Series’ international race.


Rodin YounessiU.S. racing team Younessi Racing entered American driver Rodin Younessi and teammates into the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series. The operating team behind Younessi Racing for the Blancpain competition was MRS (Molitor Racing Systems), and Rodin was accompanied by a team of carefully selected drivers from across the globe who would take turns behind the wheel.


The race was an internationally-syndicated event with tens of thousands of viewers tuning in as competitors from various countries raced high-end vehicles from brand names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, and McLaren. In addition to the invitation to compete, Rodin Younessi was the only American driver behind the wheel of a McLaren MP4-12C GT3 for the Blancpain event.


The Blancpain Endurance Series features grand tourer (GT) racing vehicles that are modified from production road cars complying with the FIA’s GT3 regulations. The race hosts the world’s quintessential sports cars in one of the most highly-regarded international competitions today. Rodin Younessi and his team piloted one of the 61 vehicles to enter the race, making their entry both an exclusive privilege and a high honor.


Rodin Younessi – MRS McLaren

“I’m looking forward to competing on behalf of Younessi Racing in the MRS McLaren,” Rodin Younessi said before entering the race. “I was able to compete in the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 at 24 Hours of Dubai a few months ago and was very impressed with the car’s performance.”


The Blancpain Endurance Series is one of the best supported and most competitive GT races today and has been a major success story for the motorsports industry since it premiered in 2011. Beginning in Autodromo Nazionale Di Monza in April, the Blancpain competition spanned across five different dates and locations: Monza, Silverstone, Paul Ricard, and the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps before the finale in Nurburgring in the fall.


Both the inaugural 2011 and 2012 seasons were tremendous hits, and the executives behind Blancpain promised even more excitement for the 2013 event. A total of 13 countries competed in the 2013 race with sponsorship from 9 of the most famous prestige racing brands in the world. At the event’s start in Monza, 36 teams competed with drivers from both established careers and relatively little experience in a premiere display of racing talent.


Molitor Racing Systems was one of the fresh faces in the 2013 series, but appeared with a quality team in Younessi Racing and enlisted the powerful capabilities of the McLaren MP4-12C. Rodin Younessi and his team through MRS delivered an exciting performance at the Pro-Am Cup, demonstrating their racing prowess on one of the contemporary motorsports’ most elite stages.

Rodin Younessi Racing

Rodin Younessi Assembled Professional Racing Team Ahead of Firestone Indy Lights Series

Motorsports enthusiast Rodin Younessi has raced motorcycles and cars since an early age, putting aside his legal career to pursue world-class competitions. Since taking on racing professionally, he’s assembled his own team to compete in renowned tournaments such as the Firestone Indy Lights series.


Rodin Younessi helmet shotRodin Younessi has raced for decades, beginning with motorcycles and leading up to F1 and other prototype vehicles for high-performance races. He’s competed internationally in many respected tournaments and was the first American ever to drive the McLaren 12C GT3 during the Blancpain Endurance Series.


Rodin’s always had a knack for racing and transformed his passion for motorsports into reality early on, even becoming an owner to high-volume Harley-Davidson and Lamborghini dealerships along the way.


In his pursuit to race professionally, Rodin Younessi secured his own team (called Younessi Racing) and entered some of the world’s most highly-anticipated racing competitions. Younessi and his team competed in the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Blancpain Endurance, and the IndyCar series to name a few. In 2011, the team made their racing debut in the Cooper Tires U.S. F2000 Championship Powered by Mazda before prepping for the Indy series.


“We have been testing at various tracks for the last few months in preparation for the season, and I have been on a very strict regimen to be in shape for this physically demanding challenge,” Rodin Younessi said before his team competed in the IndyCar race. “Of course, competing at this level is not easy and I take this opportunity extremely seriously, hence why we have been working diligently during the off-season to create a small pool of talented professionals in order to create a well-balanced team.”


Younessi Racing initially had a rocky start after debuting in the U.S. F2000 National Championship National Class in association with JDC Motorsports but powered through with a new and improved lineup for future races.


“We know that we can be successful against the veteran larger teams,” Rodin Younessi said. “We have assembled a very talented and dedicated group of professionals to compete, and I remain enthusiastic about Younessi Racing’s future.”


Younessi made plenty of headlines in his own solo races but aimed for grander competitions and recognition under Younessi Racing. When discussing his intentions for the team, Younessi expressed enthusiasm for a grand plan that included distinction on an international scale:


“Our goal is to have a dynamic team with cross-platform compatibility to be able to compete at races and series that are rewarding competitively and popular with a large fan base,” Younessi said. “Our sponsors certainly have a vested interest in exposure in the popular and well-received competitions with a high level of viewing audience. I am very excited about the plans for our future.”

Rodin Younessi Acquires Multiple High-Volume Harley Davidson Dealerships in California

Rodin Younessi 1
Rodin Younessi 6

Racing legend and motorsports enthusiast Rodin Younessi expands his ownership of national Harley-Davidson dealership with the acquisition of two high-volume locations in California. To date, Younessi is an owner of nine Harley-Davidson locations across the U.S. in addition to a Lamborghini dealership in South Florida.

Rodin Younessi is now the owner of the Top Rocker Harley-Davidson in Canoga Park as well as the Los Angeles Harley-Davidson of Anaheim, two of the most high-volume motorcycle dealerships on the West Coast. The purchase of Top Rocker (formerly Barger Harley-Davidson) came only a month after Younessi secured a deal for the Los Angeles location. Rodin Younessi purchased the property from Scott Fischer who rebuilt the dealership and significantly increased both its revenues and overall performance before selling.

Of the transition to new owner Younessi, George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services commented that it was a true pleasure and that both parties negotiated fairly. Chaconas has been a long-time friend to both Rodin Younessi and past-owner Scott Fischer, and has been instrumental in Younessi’s expansion from Florida. It was Chaconas who introduced Younessi to Fischer when he first showed interest in selling his Harley-Davidson dealership.

“As always, George was a pleasure to work with,” said Rodin Younessi of the transaction process. “He definitely knows how to make deals happen and I look forward to our continued business and personal relationship. George Chaconas and Performance Brokerage Services are the industry experts in buy-sells, and I would highly recommend them.”

After acquiring the California dealerships, Rodin Younessi now owns seven high-volume Harley-Davidsons across the country: Space Coast Harley-Davidson in Palm Bay, Florida, Treasure Coast Harley-Davidson in Stuart, Florida, Raging Bull Harley-Davidson in Durham, North Carolina and Falcons Fury Harley-Davidson in Conyers, Georgia in addition to the California locations.

Younessi and his team are expected to bring first-class customer experience to the dealership as well as foster a sense of community with local buyers. They intend to attract a host of new riders and maintain their existing following in the area with the philosophies that have helped them excel in other locations. With the grand opening of his Miracle City Harley-Davidson location, Rodin Younessi dedicated a full two weeks of daily events to celebrate with the community and invite locals and interested buyers in to tour the new property. He booked live music, food and drink vendors, celebrity personalities and more to contribute to a lively and inviting atmosphere for all.

Rodin Younessi is also known for his dealerships’ charitable contributions, which in the past have included fundraising and community events at his Space Coast dealership and donations of motorcycles to charity auctions and local law enforcement.

“We’re very excited to bring our unique energy and customer focus to California with these two new Harley-Davidson locations, and promise to continue providing exceptional service,” Younessi said.

Caroline Hunter

Racer Rodin Younessi

Racer Rodin Younessi Has Been Selected for Many Specialty Competitions During his Career

Motorsports enthusiast Rodin Younessi has raced vehicles and motorcycles for years and has even invested in some of the nation’s highest-volume Lamborghini and Harley-Davidson dealerships. In his career, he was selected to compete in many top competitions such as the Le Mans 24-hour race, the Baltimore Sports Car Challenge, and the 2013 Blancpain Endurance series.


While professionally pursuing law or studying science, Rodin Younessi always held firm to his passion for racing and motorsports. Since an early age, he raced in various competitions driving both motorcycles and cars. Years later, he pursued his passions to world-renowned competitions where he was permitted to drive specialty vehicles such as Formula 1 cars and McLarens.


Rodin Younessi


Racing is at Rodin Younessi’s core, and it shows in his various motorsport accomplishments. He’s earned many top distinctions, including being the first American to compete in prestigious international races and the first to drive specific vehicles.


After demonstrating his worth during a number of national competitions, Rodin Younessi was selected to become the second American driver to complete the line-up for 2013’s Le Mans 24 Hours race, which is a high-endurance and specialized race.


“I am overwhelmed by the opportunity I’ve been given to competing in the 90th Anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans; the feeling is surreal,” Rodin Younessi said of his selection. “I am grateful for the faith, confidence, and the once in a lifetime opportunity that Boutsen Ginion Racing has given me to be at the helm of their LMP2 car.”


Rodin Younessi driving


In 2012, Performance Tech Motorsports recruited Rodin Younessi to be a part of a racing team alongside Raphael Matos in the year’s team driver line up. Together, Younessi and Matos competed in the 2012 Baltimore Grand Prix presented by SRT and demonstrated complimentary racing talent. The challenge took to the streets of Baltimore, Maryland for a two-hour competition that included 67 laps of the 3.3 kilometer-circuit, and a total racing distance of 218 kilometers.


Rodin Younessi was also selected as one of the only Americans to compete in the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series, which is a tremendous achievement. The Blancpain Endurance race of 2013 began in Monza, Italy and ended months later in Nurburgring, Germany (featuring tracks along the way such as Silverstone and Circuit Paul Ricard). Each of the five rounds totaled around three hours of racing time––not including the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps and the 1000 km Nürburgring events.


Rodin YounessiRodin Younessi was selected to pilot the McLaren 12C GT3 during the Endurance Series race, and he split the driving responsibilities with Austrian Philipp Eng. Mr. Younessi was the first American ever to drive the McLaren 12C GT3 for the race.


He’s made a major name for himself in racing and continues to compete in esteemed competitions around the world as well as support the motorsports industry through ownership and managing of various dealerships.


Rodin Younessi Celebrates Miracle City Harley-Davidson Opening with Two Weeks of Events

Rodin Younessi Celebrates Miracle City Harley-Davidson Opening with Two Weeks of Events

New Miracle City Harley-Davidson owner Rodin Younessi opened the doors to his latest dealership earlier this month. To celebrate the opening, and to bring the local community together on property, Mr. Younessi booked two weeks of public events.


rodin younessi walking around carRodin Younessi, the new owner of Miracle City Harley-Davidson, is a racing legend who’s competed in high-profile tournaments around the world. Apart from earning spots in a range of national competitions, he was the first American to drive the McLaren 12C GT3 during the Blancpain Endurance Series tournament.


He’s nurtured a passion for motorsports since childhood, which has carried all the way through his professional career and into his personal investments. Rodin Younessi the proud owner of a Lamborghini dealership in South Florida as well as seven Harley-Davidson dealerships, the latest of which is the Miracle City, FL location.


With the opening of the Miracle City Harley-Davidson, owner Rodin Younessi scheduled daily events to celebrate with the community. March 2nd kicked off the events with an official store “blessing,” a flag dedication, and a ribbon cutting ceremony which all members of the public were invited to witness. The next day, the dealership hosted a Van Halen tribute band (“Completely Unchained”), an All American band, and offered festivities such as food, drinks, and vendors.


Rodin YounessiThe celebrations continued with full-service bars, food, live music (such as the Dave Kury Band and the Georgia Express), free Bud Light on certain nights, appearances from personalities like Steve and Eric from Hypersona, bike blessings, and a motorcycle stunt show. Rodin Younessi and Harley-Davidson hosted events for two full weeks where local residents and visitors could tour the brand-new location and celebrate with the crew.


The Miracle City Harley-Davidson has a massive inventory of motorcycles, including both new and used models. The residents of the Titusville area will discover Harley-Davidsons for any budget or style at the new location as well as a knowledgeable and dedicated staff.


Together, the sales, financing, service, and parts departments are equipped to provide service that exceeds expectations at every point. The Miracle City team promises to assist customers through the selection and buying processes as well as provide top-notch maintenance and customization on-site.


Rodin Younessi drivingWith the grand opening of his seventh Harley-Davidson dealership, Rodin Younessi is excited to have a new location for potential future non-profit events, too. In the past, he’s hosted many community gatherings at his various locations that promote awareness or raise funds to support charitable causes. At his Space Coast location, Mr. Younessi hosted the SOAKed for Autism event, raising support and awareness for the SOAK (Supporting Our ASD Kids, Inc.) organization and their mission.


“We are thrilled to get to know our new community around Titusville better and hope they will support our future charitable efforts and open events at our latest location,” says Rodin Younessi.

Rodin Younessi

Rodin Younessi Was the First American to Drive the McLaren 12C GT3 During the Blancpain Endurance Series

Rodin Younessi
Rodin Younessi
Rodin Younessi

Motorsports enthusiast and dealership owner Rodin Younessi has made a reputation racing motorcycles and cars in various capacities. At the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series, Mr. Younessi was selected as the first American ever to drive the McLaren 12C GT3 vehicle for the competition.

Rodin Younessi has achieved many accolades in a short time both professionally and in his extracurricular racing career. He’s been an avid fan of motorsports since an early age and pursued his passion for racing through school and into adulthood where he’s competed in several professional races. He’s the owner of a Lamborghini dealership in Palm Beach, Florida as well as a string of high-volume Harley-Davidson dealerships across several states.

Beyond this impressive standing, Rodin Younessi has accomplished many racing achievements both as a solo driver and as the leader of a specialized racing team. He was selected to compete in the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series competition, making Mr. Younessi one of only a few Americans announced for the Series’ 2013 racing calendar. In addition, he was the first American to ever drive the McLaren 12C GT3 during the Blancpain Endurance Series, which in itself is a monumental achievement.

The Blancpain Series is a sports car racing competition that was organized by the Stéphane Ratel Organization (SRO) and approved by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The race features cars complying with the FIA’s GT3 regulations and is a major competition with featured competitors from around the world.

Rodin Younessi and his team were chosen to compete in the 2013 Blancpain Endurance race during the third season of the Endurance Series (which took place from April 14 to September 22). The race began in Monza, Italy and ended months later in Nurburgring, Germany, featuring locations such as Silverstone and Paul Ricard along the way. The Endurance race featured a total of five rounds.

Rodin and his team were selected to race in the McLaren 12C GT3 during the Endurance Series, splitting the driving between teammates Brazilian Carlos Kray, Austrian Philipp Eng, and Mr. Younessi. He was the first American ever to pilot the vehicle for the race.

To prepare, Rodin Younessi conducted a run at the 24 Hours of Dubai event earlier in 2013 where he was able to test the McLaren’s capability. After the run, Mr. Younessi commented on his experience:

“I’m looking forward to competing on behalf of Younessi Racing in the MRS McLaren,” he said prior to the race. “I was able to compete in the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 at 24 Hours of Dubai a few months ago and was very impressed with the car’s performance.”

Rodin Younessi also privately tested McLaren vehicles at Hockenheimring in Germany and used the factory race simulator at the McLaren Technology Center in the UK, ensuring that as the first American driver he was well-prepared for the Endurance Series.

Rodin Younessi Harley Dealership

Dealership Owner Rodin Younessi Donates Multiple Motorcycles to Support Charities and Local Law Enforcement

Rodin Younessi
Rodin Younessi

Racecar driver and motorsports aficionado Rodin Younessi continues his legacy by owning and operating some of the most high-volume Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country. Supportive of his local community, Mr. Younessi offers his dealerships as charity event spaces and donates vehicles to support important causes.

Though Rodin Younessi began his professional career in computer science and eventually law, he always held tight to his passion for motorsports. He earned dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science before steering his career towards law, and he received a degree as well as his Juris Doctorate before being inducted into the Florida and Federal bar.

His love of motorsports kept him involved in various racing competitions growing up, where he drove motorcycles and cars before eventually moving on to high-performance vehicles (such as the McLaren MP4-12C GT3). After he had made a name for himself in his law career, Rodin Younessi purchased a local Lamborghini dealership and later invested in a series of some of the highest-volume Harley-Davidson dealerships in America. Today, he’s the proud owner of Space Coast Harley-Davidson, Treasure Coast Harley-Davidson, Raging Bull Harley-Davidson of Durham, North Carolina, Falcons Fury Harley-Davidson of Georgia, and the Los Angeles Harley-Davidson of Anaheim in Fullerton, California.

It’s through his Harley-Davidson dealerships that Rodin Younessi conducts the majority of his charitable work. Mr. Younessi and the dedicated team at Space Coast Harley-Davidson recently donated a retrofitted motorcycle to local law enforcement officials specifically designed for their agency. The motorcycle will be used to help protect the community by serving as a regular patrol vehicle in law enforcement fleets. It will also function in parades or at events as a static display to showcase the relationships between law officials and the local community.

Earlier this year, Rodin Younessi and the same team at Space Coast Harley-Davidson donated a brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Breast Cancer charity as an auction piece. The motorcycle’s sale helped increase awareness of the breast cancer charity and raised funds for further research to help end the disease. Mr. Younessi’s contributions were noted as one of the highest benefactors involved at the charity.

In the past, Rodin Younessi has opened the doors to his dealerships as community and charity event spaces while charging the groups nothing to host there. Mr. Younessi most recently offered his Space Coast dealership to the SOAKed for Autism event that helped to raise both awareness about autism and funds for the SOAK (Supporting Our ASD kids, Inc.) organization. Hundreds gathered for the occasion and helped increase the organization’s reach in addition to donating funds to their cause.

In 2006, Rodin Younessi was knighted and given the title of Chevalier by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller in recognition of his various charitable contributions. Even though he stays extremely busy across many investments and projects, Mr. Younessi consistently does what he can to support charities and his local community.