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Rodin Younessi - Hosting Charity Events

Rodin Younessi Supports Local Communities by Hosting Charity Events and Donating Dealership Vehicles

Longtime motorsports enthusiast Rodin Younessi owns a series of high-volume dealerships across the country.   Through events hosted at his dealer locations and through vehicle donations, he is able to support local and distant causes alike, ensuring safety and good health for community members along the way.   Rodin Younessi has long held a passion […]

Rodin Younessi Pilots Specialty Racing Vehicles in Various Renowned Competitions

Experienced racer Rodin Younessicompetes internationally both in solo positions and as part of a multinational high-endurance team. In addition to traditional cars, he’s made a career driving specialty racing vehicles during some of the most elite competitions to date. In his racing career, Rodin Younessi has earned many top privileges and raced in some of the world’s most […]

Rodin Younessi Acquires Multiple High-Volume Harley Davidson Dealerships in California

Racing legend and motorsports enthusiast Rodin Younessi expands his ownership of national Harley-Davidson dealership with the acquisition of two high-volume locations in California. To date, Younessi is an owner of nine Harley-Davidson locations across the U.S. in addition to a Lamborghini dealership in South Florida. Rodin Younessi is now the owner of the Top Rocker Harley-Davidson in Canoga […]

Rodin Younessi

Rodin Younessi Was the First American to Drive the McLaren 12C GT3 During the Blancpain Endurance Series

Motorsports enthusiast and dealership owner Rodin Younessi has made a reputation racing motorcycles and cars in various capacities. At the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series, Mr. Younessi was selected as the first American ever to drive the McLaren 12C GT3 vehicle for the competition. Rodin Younessi has achieved many accolades in a short time both professionally and in […]

Rodin Younessi Harley Dealership

Dealership Owner Rodin Younessi Donates Multiple Motorcycles to Support Charities and Local Law Enforcement

Racecar driver and motorsports aficionado Rodin Younessi continues his legacy by owning and operating some of the most high-volume Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country. Supportive of his local community, Mr. Younessi offers his dealerships as charity event spaces and donates vehicles to support important causes. Though Rodin Younessi began his professional career in computer science and eventually law, he […]

Rodin Younessi

Rodin Younessi Was One of the Only Americans to Compete in the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series

Motorsports enthusiast and celebrated racecar driver Rodin Younessi has enjoyed many driving privileges in his racing career. Among other accolades, Mr. Younessi’s team was selected to compete in the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series competition, making him one of only a handful of Americans announced for their 2013 racing calendar. Rodin Younessi has pursued a passion for motorsports for […]

Rodin Younessi

Owner Rodin Younessi Hosts Charitable Event at Space Coast Harley-Davidson Location

Rodin Younessi pursued his passion for motorsports by competing in national races and investing in a series of national dealerships. Known for his charitable efforts, Mr. Younessi gives back through regular donations and events sponsored through his dealerships. Rodin Younessi, after taking over the Space Coast Harley-Davidson dealership in 2010, has developed a reputation for charity […]